Get control of your desktop - free-up valuable desk space.


     The most valuable spot on your computer!

 The Desktop area of your computer screen is one of the most useful places on your computer. Too bad it's often so cluttered
 with file and shortcut icons that you can hardly find what you're looking for.

 Sure, I know that these are all files and shortcuts that you need. The problem is that most of them are used only occasionally,
 but you still want to have quick access to them. And many of them are in small groups of icons that have related functions, or
 that in some way belong together.

 With zFolder, you can now keep these less-often used files and shortcuts off of your Desktop, yet still have easy and quick
 access to them. What's more, they can be kept grouped together, just as you had them on your Desktop.

 When you have zFolder on your PC, a simple right-click on any file or shortcut let's you select 'zFolder' from the menu. A new
 folder opens up, a 'zFolder'. You can drag any files or shortcuts you want into this new zFolder to keep them off your Desktop
 and yet have immediate access to them when needed.

 Select zFolder again to open an existing folder. Or use the handy keyboard shortcut.

 Each file or shortcut on your Desktop, or anywhere on your computer, can have its own zFolder.

 Take a look!

  Turn this.....


  Into this.....

Now look how neat that area of the Desktop has become. With zFolder, the program file or shortcut you use all the time
 remains working the same way it always has; no complicated or fancy program launcher to solve the same problem.

 Notice also that the file or shortcut name has now been changed slightly, by having a "[]" (double bracket) symbol placed
 at the beginning of the name. This lets you know that there is now a zFolder assigned to it.

 "Yes, I see, but why would I want to do this?"....

 Often, the files and shortcuts that are on the average PC user's Desktop are actually related items. For example: you may
 have a graphics program you use frequently, and then have other, related files that you use only once in awhile - maybe
 just about never, and yet you are reluctant to remove or separate these other items from the one you use all the time.

 The advantage of a zFolder is that not only does it let you get seldom-used items off your Desktop, but it allows you to
 keep groups of related items together, in a single place.

 Special tools are included ....

 zFolder comes with several special tools to help you:

  One is the zFolder "zList" viewer, which lets you easily view the list of zFolders and their contents that
        you have already created. You can use the built-in search feature,'s a useful
        can view in a single window all the files in all the zFolders you have. You can quickly view them sorted
        by size or date or name; very helpful when trying to locate a file, or to just see what's in your zFolders.

 Another tool is a special zFolder for "miscellaneous" items that you want to remove from your Desktop,
        but still keep easily at hand.

   zNotes. Inside every zFolder you create is our handy zNotes application. This gives you a simple and 
        ultra-quick way to type a note or memo that you want kept with a file or group of files; perhaps a list of
        customer service phone numbers, or a few program instructions. 

 But wait, there's More!
    A special trick ....

 That "special" zFolder mentioned above...the "miscellaneous" one, has a special trick it can do.

 With a single command, it can "sweep" any or all new items that have landed on your Desktop into this special zFolder.
 A great tool to use at the end of the day to "clean things up". Or any time that you decide to regain some of that valuable
 Desktop space.

 So give it a try. You'll wonder how you ever got along without it.

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 Get Control of Your Desktop. Use zFolder to Clean Up the Mess!

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  Be sure to read the detailed Help file that comes with zFolder. You'll find a button for it near the top of the zList viewer.

  Windows XP / Vista [see below] 

  Note: some functions may not be available with Vista, or Vista's 'User Account Control' feature may need to be set to
  accept some functions of zFolder.

  Microsoft  .Net framework

  Note: if you do not have .Net on your PC, it's available as a free download from Microsoft at:

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 As with all our software products, zFolder does NOT contain
any spyware, malware, or viruses.