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Dear SpamMotelers....

As many of you are aware, Spammotel is no longer reachable or working.

The events that lead up to this terrible situation started on Wednesday, the
afternoon before Thanksgiving, when the system, without warning to us or our users, became unavailable. It has taken an entire week to get an answer as to what happened, mostly because of the long holiday weekend.

Apparently on that day, the hosting company, while doing an audit on a large
company's server installation, found that there had been many extra un-billed
server charges incurred by the Spammotel account over time. Neither we nor the hosting company were aware previously that these fees were due, which clearly they are. So the Spammotel server account was abruptly shut down.

Most unfortunately, I do not have the funds to get them to re-start the account.
The weekend of Thanksgiving was spent without any understanding of the reason for the system outage. Now I am left pondering what, if anything, can be done.

Also, it has not been possible with the system down even to send users any explanation for the system failure.

I am going to leave out, at least for now, my long list of apologies and regrets to all my SpamMotel users, as I think they can infer from all of this, and the many years (almost two decades) that the service has been running, what they are.

My appreciation of the support all of you have given me is unbounded.


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    [ *** Please note: The recurring payments option on Paypal can easily be removed
    by sending us a quick note at our contact page [betalugosi.com]. Please be sure to
    include the username of your SpamMotel account. Note: we are using this
    arrangement only for easier renewal processing. ]
    [ *** Thanks to all of you for your subscriptions. ]
    [ *** Reminder to those who have not yet subscribed - all your account
            information is still available. Please see the Q&A section below. ]

Since the first release of SpamMotel back in early 2000 (a long long time ago), tens of thousands of people have used our service to avoid literally millions of unwanted emails. SpamMotel was the first service of it's kind, anywhere, over a decade ago.

We have shown our continued commitment to our users over the years in fighting spam and giving users control over their email accounts.

Also, as the inventor and originator of the most widely used form of disposable email addresses, we have incurred substantial costs and time in successfully obtaining the relevant patents for our service [ !!! infringers take note !!! ].

Show your support! Over time, the costs of providing this great service has limited us from the introduction of many new and desirable features. With enough subscribers we will gain the resources to continue to develop new and innovative email products.

!! Less than ten dollars per year! !!

Please support our efforts to fight spam. Sign up and subscribe to our extremely useful service, SpamMotel.
We very much hope you will join us by subscribing to SpamMotel at a very modest cost of only $9.99 per year. We are confident that this is priced very competitively and will allow us to continue to offer the professional level of service and support required by our users.

Please visit the announcements webpage (this page), located at: spammotel.info

We welcome and encourage you to send us your comments and suggestions. Please go to our contact page at: betalugosi.com


The SpamMotel Team
Dashworks, Inc.


Question: How do I access my Log page if I have not yet subscribed?

Answer: First, request that your password be sent to you (even if you know it) by going to SpamMotel.com (the homepage). Just click on the Question Mark [?] below the login boxes to enter your email address. You will be emailed your password with additional words added to it. Usually it will be in this form: "xinvaild-payment-password". Note: if you try to login without the extra password prefix, you will be sent to the Subscription Page.

Question: My subscription notice (PayPal confirmation) mentions recurring billing. How can I remove this feature?

Answer: This is to allow uninterrupted service when it's time for your renewal, but we can easily remove it. Just send us a quick request at our contact page [www.betalugosi.com]. Please be sure to include your SpamMotel username (email address).

Question: I just made a Paypal payment as advised but nothing seems to be different?

Answer: Your subscription is indeed in effect.

The confusion may be because all accounts still have access to their Login pages, but NO mail is being delivered through SpamMotel to NEW, unsubsribed accounts.

Older SpamMotel accounts are still receiving emails, but starting December 23. 2012, these accounts will need to subscribe in order to keep receiving emails. Subscribed or not, you will still have access to your Login page for the foreseeable future.

This method was decided on because it allows users to get information they may need from the accounts they have been using, without having to subscribe. It also assures users that they can subscribe and resume where they left off, with all their previous SpamMotel addresses and data intact. This method also makes it much easier for those users who do not wish to subscribe to make other arrangements.

Question Please: I have 2 email addresses, do I have to pay another $9.99 to
list my other one?

Answer: We have a number of users who fit this situation. For previous users of SpamMotel, if you have more than a single older account, please contact us and we will, within reason, include the extra account(s).

Question: I made a donation to SpamMotel in the past, can that be applied to my subsciption?

Answer: If you have made a donation of any amount to SpamMotel in the past, please let us know so we can check our records and give you a free year.


Download the most recent file for SpamMotel below:

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Donations may be made using Visa, Mastercard, Discover, American Express, or a Paypal account.**

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   *Please Note: If you have given us a donation within the past year, please let us know and we will give you a free year of SpamMotel.

   **Contact page: betalugosi.com

   ***Donations or payments will appear on your credit card statement under the name Dashworks, Inc., the parent company of SpamMotel.com