Easily Capture a Webpage and Save It as an Image!


Take a gulp of the Web with PageGulp!

 Here’s a fast and easy way to take a screen shot of any web page… with a twist.
 PageGulp captures most any Web page you can navigate to.

 Most similar software captures only the live screen area. If the page requires scrolling, either horizontally
 or vertically, you’re out of luck.

 But PageGulp captures the entire page, even a tall or wide one, and saves it as a JPEG image.

 And capturing the entire page is only the beginning.

 Here’s the twist…

 PageGulp includes a special image viewer, free.

 It’s a smart image viewer too! It recognizes the JPEG images that PageGulp creates and loads them when
 you double-click on any of those image files.  (You continue to open non-PageGulp images using whatever
 image viewing software you're currently using.)

 The Free PageGulp Viewer...

 Check this out…

 The free PageGulp Viewer is designed to make viewing saved webpage images easier and faster. Among
 other things, here’s what you get:

  A Page Up/Down button that will scroll through a long image one “page” at a time.

   A Page Top/End button enabling you to move to the top or bottom of an image with a single click.

   A Zoom-Out/Actual-Size button to display the image in its actual size, or zoom out so you can see
        the entire page in a single view.

 Don’t like clicking buttons? No sweat. There are intuitive keyboard sequences for every feature.

The "Go" button...a really useful feature...

 At the top of the viewer is the URL address that the webpage was captured from. One click and your browser
 will go to that page. No need to search for the webpage again or type in a long URL.
The image becomes a
 bookmark. How cool is that?.

 But here’s the coolest thing yet…

 PageGulp costs almost nothing. And the PageGulp Viewer is free (it can quickly be downloaded by anyone).

 Because PageGulps are actually standard JPEG images, they can be viewed without the PageGulp viewer.
 This makes sharing them easy, and the recipient does not need to download anything.

The PageGulp webpage capturer takes an internet address and then saves the contents of the webpage as  
a JPEG image file. No need to type in the web address, just drag it from your web browser's address bar.  

The PageGulp Viewer, shown below, is included with PageGulp. Here it's captured our own webpage. 
Notice the Address bar at top. It's captured the URL and the webpage title, ready to return you to the 
actual website with a single click. The navigation buttons are great for viewing long webpages. 


Grab your copy of PageGulp today!  We're sure you'll find PageGulp a very useful tool.   


Download PageGulp 

14-day free trial  

And a very low  purchase price after that...Just $3.95 

Give it a try. Then buy your very own copy for less than four dollars
by clicking on the button below.

Easily capture an entire webpage as an image. Even the part of the page  
that is off the screen and requires scrolling!   

!!! PLEASE Remember to include the Product Code when you purchase. There's a place to    
          enter it on the payments page. If you have any trouble with this, please contact us at:         


      Be sure to read the detailed Help file that comes with PageGulp. You'll find a link to it in the System Menu
      located at the top left of the PG Viewer.

      System Requirements:

      Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 10 


The PageGulp Viewer (PG Viewer) is also available as a separate download,
completely free, with no installation needed. Please download it


As with all our software products, PageGulp does NOT contain any spyware, malware, or viruses.