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  Spin-Up contains many useful utilities in a single program, including:
  • Mouse-wheel volume control with on-screen display and mute.
  • Screen Capture and Save, including cropping, mailing, and our handy CaptionMaker feature to quickly add captions to your images.
  • Quick Emailer and File Mailer. The fastest way to quickly email notes and share files with someone.
  • Fantastic! Bookmarks. Unlike any you've used before. Puts an end to the tedious job of organizing bookmarks. Allows for easy one or two button bookmarking.
  • Scratchpad area for writing notes and memos to yourself. Always right at hand.
  • Monthly calendar with your own images as background.
  • Slide-Show screensaver to display a changing selection of your favorite images.
  • FlashSaver. Our super-easy-to-use Flash video player and saver. Perfect for YouTube fans!
  • Audio saver. Save the audio portion of Video files.
  • SoundClipper. Lets you save a sound "Clip" or portion of your audio files.
  • BigWords. Makes it easy to read all those web pages that have annoyingly small text.
  • MyLinks. Our amazing program that lets you add links and images to any webpage on the internet.
  • SpamMotel. Our Award-Winning anti-spam service lets you give out "disposable" email addresses,
    real working addresses that you can turn off at any time. Protects your real email address.
  • And more!

A World of Features

Volume Control with On-screen Display

With Spin-Up you can rotate the mouse wheel to change the volume level on your computer. It helps to avoid the tedious opening and re-opening of the Windows Volume Control Dialog box.

This is ideal for use with notebook/laptop computers, which often have inconvenient volume controls.

To use, just place the cursor over the small Spin-Up button on your screen, and rotate the mouse wheel. You can also change the volume level when the cursor is over the Taskbar, at the bottom of the screen. Use both methods, or hide the Spin-Up button and use only the Taskbar.

Several button styles are included, or create your own custom buttons. Change button transparency.

Hotkeys: set convenient keyboard commands for volume up, volume down, and mute.

Remote (Wireless) Volume Control

If you're using a wireless mouse, then Spin-Up can turn it into a wireless remote volume control.

It's perfect for sitting back and listening to your favorite music or video computer files.

The Clock Button

Instead of an image button, you can display a round working analog clock (with date) as a button.

Spectrum Analyzer

Spin-Up contains a built-in spectrum analyzer, to help you adjust volume levels during recording.

Screen Capture and Save!

Super-easy and Convenient Screen Capture and Save.

Pressing the Print Screen key on your computer keyboard will capture and save the entire screen image of your monitor. You can crop an image, and also add text before saving it.

Email screen captures. You can email a screen capture right from the built-in Emailer.


The CaptionMaker feature lets you quickly add captions above and below images, and a special function helps you add text from a web page. This is a highly useful addition to your everyday tools.

Quick Emailer and File Mailer!

The Emailer is handy for sending quick emails to people, particularly those you email frequently. It
has some unusual features to help speed your emailing, such as an address book and subject-line list....well, those are pretty standard....but what's different here is that you can have a To address
and the Subject-line text set as default, so the Emailer always opens with those fields already filled in. You can also set default text for the body of the email.

Example: you're working on a project with someone, and emailing them a series of short notes or attachments. No need to keep selecting the same To address, and typing in the same text in the Subject line. Just drag files onto the Spin-Up button to email them.

ScreenSaver Functions

The ScreenSaver is opened by holding down the Alt key and pressing the Windows Menu
key (next to CTRL). You access the different sections of the ScreenSaver each time you press the Windows Menu key by itself. This will soon become second nature to you.

Windows Wallpaper

The first ScreenSaver page you see is the Windows Wallpaper page. This is a view of your current desktop wallpaper, which is the image you see on the desktop of your computer. This is what your desktop used to look like, before you filled it up with all manner of icons.

ScreenSaver Notes

This section of ScreenSaver is a scratchpad area for writing notes. It has a small calendar to the right. Super-handy for jotting down phone numbers, to-do lists, and reminders.

Notes are saved automatically when you close ScreenSaver. Just open, type, and close.

ScreenSaver Calendar

The Calendar page shows a monthly calendar. Click on a date box to write a memo for that date.

You can set each of the twelve months to display your own background images. When you add a memo to a date box in the Calendar, that box will not show the background image. This makes it easy to read the memo.

ScreenSaver Slide Show Page

The next page in the sequence of ScreenSaver pages is the Slide Show page. Here you can display images from your computer to act as a Slide Show. Use the left or right arrow keys on the keyboard to select the next or previous image. Or let Slide Show automatically change images.

Fantastic! Bookmarks


Fantastic! Bookmarks are, well, fantastic! They are completely different than the way most people use a bookmark application.

The problem with most bookmark applications is that they require endless time organizing bookmarks into folders, which becomes a tedious chore of trying to think of just which folder to put a bookmark in. Or, creating folders for each and every minor category one can think of.

Usually, what many of us do is to create a few "miscellaneous" folders, or folders in major categories, and then put most of the bookmarks we create into these folders......never to be found again. Sad.

Spin-Up's Fantastic! Bookmarks uses a different method. It records and saves the entire text of
a web page. So when you ask it to search for words and phrases, it has something to work with.

Fantastic! Bookmarks also captures a screen shot of the web page. This helps you to know, at a glance, what the bookmark is about before going to the website.

The Batch Code:

Fantastic! Bookmarks has a unique tool to help you find ALL the bookmarks that belong together, and particularly those groups of bookmarks that were created together.

This tool is the "batch code". Every bookmark is automatically assigned a batch code.

Example: if you are researching for a trip to Italy, and you bookmark several websites that you are interested in, these bookmarks are automatically given the same batch code. If you search for any of them later, "when you find one, you've found them all".

The Recent Button

The other major tool that Fantastic! Bookmarks gives you is the Recent Button, which displays the 100 most recently created bookmarks. The most recent is placed at the top of the list. This means no more searching for bookmarks you created moments ago. You will use this function often.

Importing bookmarks

You can import your Favorites from Internet Explorer or import bookmarks from other sources.


MyLinks lets you add your own links to any website, even the websites of others. It's true!

Example: let's say you have set your homepage to a search engine, such as Google.com or MSN Search. Look at all that nice blank space on the page. Don't you wish you could place a few frequently used links right on that page? Well, with MyLinks you can do that. Add images too!

With MyLinks, you can go to any page on the web and add links and images.

For any MyLinks link, you can change font style, size, and color, or re-position the link.

You can add a link to an image. This means that clicking anywhere on the image will go to that link.


Some web pages have text that is annoyingly small, which makes reading things like news articles difficult. BigWords opens up a window that will display the text in any size (and font) you choose.


Many videos files on the internet these days can be saved for future use. A popular video format is Flash video. Much of the video available on sites like YouTube.com and others are in this format.

When you view these videos, they are temporarily stored in a "cache" area of your computer, but saving them for future use is usually a cumbersome operation. FlashSaver makes it simple.

FlashSaver also lets you save the audio-only portion of Flash files, and many other video formats.

SoundClipper lets you take a sound file and save a part of it as a separate sound file or “clip".


Our Award winning anti-spam service, SpamMotel. We have been operating this service since
the very beginning of 2000. This was the first service of its kind on the internet, and it's patented.

SpamMotel gives you complete control of your e-mail address, without the use of filters.

Here's how it works: whenever you are online and about to give out your e-mail address--STOP!
Do you really want to do this? SpamMotel has a better way.

Simply open the SpamMotel Desktop Interface and type a short reminder memo to yourself.

Include why and to whom the e-mail address is being given. SpamMotel records this memo, and the date and time, and quickly sends you a special disposable address to use instead of your real one.

E-mails sent to this special address are forwarded to your regular e-mail account, along with your reminder memo, which appears at the top of the e-mail message. From now on, you'll know exactly when and where the sender or spammer got your e-mail address.

But just knowing this information is not enough. So we give you the power to stop spam sent to any
of these special addresses. This is done through the Log Page -- your online control and information page -- where you can delete any of the addresses you've given out. You can also suspend and resume forwarding for each address at any time.

Because you retain complete control of the address, there's no need to "opt out" or unsubscribe to mailing lists. There's no need to set up complicated filters. No more reading through lengthy and confusing privacy statements. Best of all, your real e-mail address is never given out, just the special ones you create using SpamMotel.

It's ideal when signing onto chat rooms, subscribing to newsletters, making online purchases, or filling out online forms that request an e-mail address. SpamMotel works with your existing e-mail account.

System Requirements Windows XP, Internet Explorer 6 or 7

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